Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Photos from Washington!

Here are some photos from our first day on Capitol Hill--March 20th!

In the morning, Saskia and Ashley presented New Moon Magazine's "Letter to Congress" issue to Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman. Below are photos taken before, during, and after the meeting.

Later that day, the girls presented the magazine to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar (center) and her daughter, Abigail (left of Senator Klobuchar). It was a great discussion!

Here's a snapshot of Abigail, Senator Klobuchar, Saskia (in back), Ashley, and Kate in Senator Klobuchar's office.

Next, we headed over to Congresswoman Betty McCollum's office. Saskia and Ashley presented her with the magazine, but the Congresswoman was on her way to the Capitol for a vote, so she couldn't talk long. She apologized for her busy schedule and gave us passes to the House gallery so we could watch the voting! One of her staff members, Meghan McHugh, walked us over to the Capitol and explained what was going on.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to take photos in the gallery--there was a lot to see!

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