Friday, March 16, 2007

Through Animals' Eyes

I don't understand it
About humans
The way they look in the mirror
And obsess about eating
The way they need their reputations to be perfect
And judge others if they're different
I don't understand
It's not like they only see the outside

Can't they see through anyone's eyes
And know what they are feeling
Don't automatically assume they're happy just cuz they're laughing
Can't they look at the mouth
Not at the frown or smile kinda thing
But at the posture
And see what their thoughts are
Can humans not look at their overall stance
And clothingAnd see others' moods?

I'm beginning to think they can't
They don't have the ability
Because if they did
They'd be like us
We don't judge
We know that we really are the same on the inside
What does it matter if it's plaid or Burberry?
If it's Slim Fat or regular?

Or maybe they can
Maybe their eyes will allow it
But their strange mind won't
Because they're too busy obsessing over
That stuff
And so they don't realize that they could seek truth
And actually live
Without being so perfect

I don't understand
I thought humans were supposed to be the smartest
The most advanced
Is there something wrong with me?
That I don't understand why they seem to be the dumbest?
And the ones that need the most help from us?

I guess I'll never find out
Because I'll never be a human
And even so
I wouldn't want to be

Emily, 12

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Unschoolgirl said...

Wow. That is all I can say. Wow. It's awesome! It's amazing. amazing writer.