Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Help Ashley and Saskia plan their visit to D.C.

Ashley and Saskia, two 12-year-old members of New Moon Magazine's Girls Editorial Board, are headed to Washington, D.C. next week to deliver New Moon's "Letter to Congress" issue to Congress members! Yesterday, we sat down to talk about the trip, and I asked the girls a couple of questions:

Why do you think it’s important for girls to be in touch with their government leaders?

“Because Congress members might use ideas inspired by girls.” – Saskia

“So government leaders are aware of what topics are important to girls.” – Ashley

What do you hope Congress members will do with New Moon’s “Letter to Congress” issue?

“I hope that after they read the issue, they think about girls’ opinions the next time they decide on a new law or are thinking of changing something.” – Ashley

“I hope that they take notice and consideration for what we’re writing about.” – Saskia

Saskia and Ashley will work hard to bring girls' voices and opinions to as many Congress members as possible while they're in D.C., and they'll also host a party for girls in the area. But in their free time, they want to see the sights. What would YOU want to do and see in Washington, D.C.? What museums, monuments, or other attractions would YOU visit? We asked Ashley and Saskia to do some research and rate their top three attractions. If you'd like to help the girls decide, leave a comment with your recommendations!


Anonymous said...

I've never been to America, so I would love to see any statues or fountains in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Here are some DC related things for:


When at the Capitol building you will be a short walk from the air and space museum, national history museum, national art museum, supreme court (visit Sandra Day Oconner would might be very interested in meeting the girls this is a huge area of concern for her).

Black Rose said...

I hope they read it.