Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Girls and Sled Dogs--A Great Combination

Last week, Kate and I got to go on a New Moon Dogsledding Adventure in Ely, MN! Two groups of parent/daughter pairs spent 3 days dogsledding--and 4 evenings writing about their dogsledding adventures. We had a lot of talented writers in my group--the girls did an especially good job of writing from their dogs' perspectives. Kate said her group did some excellent writing, too!

Here's the girls who were in my group--Maddie, Isabella, Jorie, and Addelynn--with three puppies! Paul Schurke of Wintergreen Dogsledding gave these girls the special honor of naming one of the pups. They named it Whimpers "because he whimpers!"

Each parent/daughter pair had their own sled and their own dog team. Some of my group's favorite dogs were Clark, Daisy, Prairie, Steve, Fennel ... the list goes on and on! My personal favorites were Clark and Jens because they pulled my "zip ship"--a smaller sled for one person. These dogs are strong!

The photo below shows two of the teams enjoying the beautiful scenery around Ely. We had three very different days, weather-wise--the first day was overcast, the second day was snowy, and the third day was sunny. Our group had lunch out on the trail the second day--that was the only time that the girls got REALLY cold--brr! Luckily, they had a piping-hot meal prepared by Chef Bernard waiting for them back at the lodge.

Kate and I would like to thank all the girls and adults who made the trip to Ely, and our fabulous Wintergreen guides--Dave, Jessica, Amy, Lynn Anne, Jason, and Lisa. It was a wonderful adventure!

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