Thursday, June 28, 2007

17-year-old Girl Shoots Flames 30 Feet Into Air from 7,000 Horsepower Tractor

No joke. As The New York Times reported today in its article Not Yet Legal for the Street, but a Whiz on a Tractor, 17-year-old Nicole Snyder, the youngest of just 8 women competing in Wisconsin's Dairyland Super National Truck and Tractor Pull last weekend, can do all that--and more--on her tractor armed with two jet engines and 7,000 horsepower (as much as an industrial helicopter!).

Reported The New York Times' Christopher Maag:

What really impressed the crowd were her flames. Tapping a button at the top of her throttle stick, which resembles the yoke on a fighter plane, Ms. Snyder shot yellow-white flames 30 feet into the air.

“Whoo-hoo!” yelled Chris Jelle, 54, a spectator from Belleville. “That’s a 17-year-old girl? Holy cow. That is awesome.”

A few seconds later, Ms. Snyder threw the throttle forward, sending the front tires of her tractor, the Legend, leaping off the dirt as she raced down the track in one long wheelie.

“It’s pretty fun, I guess,” she said after the run. “I haven’t had any big wrecks yet, so that’s good.”

Ironically, Nicole doesn't have her driver's license yet. But she has already taken third place at three different competitions. Go, girl!

Nicole during competition (on the blue tractor)

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