Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Make Every Day Turn Beauty Inside Out Day!

Thanks to Marissa, age 11, of New York for her [beautiful] poem "A Beautiful Person."

A Beautiful Person

A beautiful person uses others as her secret weapon
'Be nice to feel nice', she'd say

A beautiful person stands up for what she believes
But doesn't down others' beliefs

A beautiful person cares about appearances
The kind where you stand up straight and celebrate who you are
Not the kind who discriminates because of clothes and other trivialities

A beautiful person does what she can
To help others
And herself

A beautiful person thinks she's beautiful
And isn't scared to say so
But she's also not scared
To tell others
They're beautiful too

Mind on the Media's Turn Beauty Inside Out Day 2007 was a month ago, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate inner beauty every day! Be sure to request their TBIO Action Kit--they've got a great idea list! Some samples:
  • Stay healthy! Don't let the media and advertisers tell you how you should look or how you should dress.
  • Send a card to a friend telling them why they have Inner Beauty - you can use the great e-cards at
  • Talk to your adults about your opinions and ideas on the impact of the media's messages on your life
  • Do a letter-writing campaign to get your governor to declare an official Turn Beauty Inside Out Day in your state
  • Host a girls' summit, rally, or other special event to raise awareness of inner beauty!
The Girls, Women + Media Project also offers some great tips on Media Activism 101--what you can do to make your voice heard:
  • Check out their links of great blogs and webpages where you can learn more about lots of cool media projects, like Geena Davis' See Jane, New Moon Expert Advisory Board member Audrey Brashich's All Made Up blog, and the About-Face ad project. Then tell your friends and family members about what you've learned!
  • Read (and submit your writing to) New Moon (shameless self-promotion, I know)
  • Tell the media what you think -- you can find an email address on most companies' websites, or you can write to the editors of TV stations, newspapers, magazines and radio stations -- be sure to explain why you love or hate what they've done clearly and respectfully!
  • Try a media "diet": For a few days, avoid (if you can!) TV, magazines, movies, videogames, non-essential websites and email. Avert your eyes, if you can, from advertising signage. Get one or more friends, or a class, to do it with you so you can talk about it. Discuss how hard or easy your "fast" was, what you missed or didn’t miss, and why, and if you notice a change in attitude towards yourself, others…anything.
  • Drop us a line at and tell us how YOU celebrate inner beauty and make your voice heard!

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