Thursday, June 28, 2007

On Hillary

If there’s a single woman capable of generating more debate than anyone else (except perhaps Paris Hilton), it’s gotta be Hillary Rodham Clinton. The former First Lady, current Senator, and perhaps future President is famous for sparking controversy.

Here at New Moon, we get our share of Hillary love letters. We’ve also heard from girls who are frustrated that Hillary gets so much attention just because, they claim, she’s a woman. Here’s what we want to know from YOU:

1. If you support Hillary, is it because she’s a woman, or do you support her regardless of her gender? What role does gender play in your political decisions?

2. When New Moon surveyed girls on politics last year, we found that 73% said you’d definitely vote for a woman for president. Would you vote for Hillary?

3. If you could vote for ANY woman for President (not necessarily a politician), who would you choose?

Email and share your thoughts. You can write just a few words, or an entire op-ed article, explaining your views on women, politics, and the 2008 Presidential race. Reply by July 6, and we’ll post your thoughts in a special article on the New Moon News blog!


Ann Onymous said...

I'm Canadian, so I have no idea what is going on in American politics. Although, I know it would be nice to have a woman president, and I'm sure that some women (particularly feminists) only like her because she is a woman, which I feel is wrong. I think a persons' gender shouldn't matter at all when it comes to politics. It is who you are and your ideas that matter more, if she would make a good president, I would vote for her.

Also, I read the very opinionated posts on the blog about Paris Hilton. I don't like how she is getting all of this attention, but I don't think she should be called an airhead because of that.

Happy Bloggin'!

-Ann Onymous

Anonymous said...

well I am loving the that a woman president I am not quite sure I would want Hilary Clinton but I also like that an African American is running for president!

Plus i am glad lot's of people are taking it as a good idea!


Anonymous said...

I am quite happy that there is a women running for president, but really, I'm not going to go all nutso for her just because she is female.

Anonymous said...

This is just my humble opinion: I think it is wrong how many people want Hillary clinton as a president just because she is women. To be honest, I do not like her, her ideas, etc. Why should I not say that? I'd say the exact thing about a man, and women and men are equal, right? I do not think she would may an amazing president. I mean, we should not be freaking out that a women is running for president.... maybe women are just not as interested in stuff like that. Okay, what if hillary clinton was lets say, a man, the the same person inside? i'm sure she wouldn't matter to many women ( especially feminists)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of having a women president. But without taking her gender into account, I think Hillary will make a fabulous president. I hope she beomes the president, or at least the vice president. America should be ready by now for a woman president. Hillary is smart, brave, and will be (if she wins) a wonderful president!

New Moon said...


Thanks for so many great responses--we've been flooded by the thoughtful opinions of so many girls.

I'm holding on to the longest responses that we've received by email to include them in a separate blog post next week. If you'd still like to share a longer piece on Hillary, women, & politics, feel free to email by July 6!


Anonymous said...

I personally would love to see a woman president. I really would. But if her opponent would do a better job, it would be better to have that person be president. I think gender should not matter, but ability.

I wonder what an interview with Paris Hilton would be like. Is it possible she's not as superficial as she seems?

New Moon said...

Actually, Larry King of CNN interviewed Paris Hilton the day after our kind-of-controversial post. The interview sounds, well, interesting--apparently, Paris needed notes and prompts to answer questions about her time in jail, and she even shared some of her own inspirational writing. (Then again, hard to be sure it wasn't generated by her PR gal...)

Maybe you can catch it on YouTube!

Anonymous said...

Well hi, everyone. To tell you the truth, I feel so great that a woman is running for president. It makes me so proud.