Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Check it Out! New Magazine for Muslim Girls' Voices

The San Francisco Chronicle published an article yesterday on Muslim Girl, a six-month-old magazine for American Muslim girls. Muslim Girl features everything from fashion to cheerleading to how readers can help women in countries like Afghanistan. Yes, it's a glossy teen magazine like Seventeen, but The San Francisco Chronicle notes that Muslim Girl doesn't shy away from intense topics--it "addresses the issues and questions that Seventeen magazine won't tackle."

We're excited to hear about another magazine that doesn't mind tackling issues beyond, say, boys and makeup.

Check out The San Francisco Chronicle's article, "Teen magazine addresses challenges of being Muslim girl in United States," here. Then tell us:
  • Have you read Muslim Girl? Share your opinions with us!
  • Do you read a magazine or blog that addresses issues related to your race, ethnicity, or some part of your culture?

Also, check out Muslim Girl's awesome tips on how you can get involved to help women living in Muslim countries. Here's a sample of two really cool groups that work to make a difference in Muslim women's lives:

P.S. Attention, Harry Potter fans! We've had great discussions on Harry Potter. Now, for some Harry Potter trivia courtesy of Muslim Girl: Name one Muslim character who appears anywhere in the Harry Potter books. If you know this Harry Potter trivia, email editor@muslimgirlmagazine.com for your chance to win an iPOD shuffle!

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Anonymous said...

I always thought that muslims were treated unfairly. I once heard my teacher say that muslims are wicked.

It really hurt me, because muslims can't change who they are, just like gays can't change they're affection for the same sex, and African Americans can't change the color of their skin. It who they are.