Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Yay! It's another day of witnessing the media get wrapped up in the inconsequential trivialities of an airhead celeb (if you guessed I was referring to Paris Hilton, you're right).

A Google News search today returned some 19,000 stories on Paris Hilton's release from an LA jail. Yes, folks, while millions of people around the world are starving to death, women's rights are under attack, global warming-induced climate change is taking the world by storm (no pun intended), and bloody wars keep killing more people, the media can't stop flipping out over a blond waif's little escapades!

As fellow New Moonie Crystal put it, "It's so annoying that [Paris] gets so much attention, and the real, valid, important things girls are doing in the world get overshadowed by her!" Thanks, Crystal--couldn't have said it better.

The media reports that Paris has now disappeared to "an undisclosed location" (hmmm...maybe she's picked up some tips from Cheney). Perhaps that's good for the rest of us, although we all know it's going to take a lot more than a few Paris Hiltons falling off the face of the planet for the mainstream media to start consistently paying attention to the REAL issues girls face. After all, when was the last time you saw real coverage of a topic like body image (not the fake celebrity stuff), racism against women of color, women's rights in places like Africa and Afghanistan, global issues like HIV/AIDS or female genital mutilation, or women in politics (not counting Hillary)?
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Anonymous said...

I completely agree, but what about Hillary? She doesn't count as a strong, women political figure? And what about Nancy Pelosi? And Condelleza Rice? There aren't enough women politicians, but they are talked about, whether it's competition for Paris Hilton or abc/cnn/nbc etc.?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I don't think that she deserves all of the attention. I have never really liked Paris Hilton because she has always been known to not donate her money, meanwhile she has so much of it. But I found this entry somewhat critically and it seems like it was more 'complaining' and 'insulting' Paris than trying to negotiate and change things.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more that the media needs to stop being obsessed with things like the latest movie star's weight loss secret. In my opinion, the media needs to talk about people who are good role models and make a difference in the world around them. I f the media did this, I believe we would see a significant difference in the way people act. The world would be filled with kind, caring people. It puzzles me why the media does not appear to care about making the world a better place. Instead, they almost make the world a worse place.

age 10

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, and very articulate, I must say. I am a 29 year old girl, and I say that, because it's hard to be a woman these days; really. I am constantly faced with this kind of media and drawn to the images and expectations that are held in the media, and my heart is begging for the things you mentioned, like the REAL focus young girls should be able to see. The REAL world that's out there! Paris is pure entertainment, and is not to be considered a role model. Sure, she may do something "good" now that she is out of jail- just to clear her name; I heard something about a Transitional Housing by Paris for women exiting the jail system. Can you imagine the Transition? Pink fluffy pillows, with pictures of chihuahua's and affirmations on bathroom mirrors that say, "That's Hot." These are the things she's really limited to saying with her, "has-to-be-fake" 4 year old voice.

It's sick to think that it affects me, and how I view myself and my life. What's worse, is that there are girls growing into that image of life, when Paris' life isn't an obtainable one or really that important. The new generation that will be RUNNING THE WORLD will need to be educated on the REAL issues of our world and how to cope, how to recognize, and how to make a difference. Walking into a village of AIDS infected orphans and starving mothers in a pink sundress, white over-sized Dolce & Gabbana shades, and a chihuahua in a tu-tu isn't going to be ANYWHERE near where our girls need to be headed.

I'm almost done with my rant, but let me say this... I still deal with REAL issues, like body image and self-esteem, and focusing on Paris Hilton hasn't helped either of those. It's time to start acting, girls, and putting REAL GIRL power behind what you have. Make a difference in this world in a small way each day, and I swear to you, your life will be blessed with the differences you're awaiting in your own selves.

Jade Kissett
Future Sales Director
Mary Kay Car Driver
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Anonymous said...

I agree with the girl/boy who commented at 6:23 AM. I think it's foolish how so many people care so much about Paris and if she gets out of jail or not. I think the media should be focusing more on women in poor countries who don't have rights to anything and who are poor, rather than a millionaire who just has to go to jail for 40 days, as many of the poor women in countries like India probably feel like they live in a jail everyday. And, the media is aware of world issues like this, I bet they don't speak about it because they think that they won't make money. But I did think that this letter was a tad critical to Paris Hilton. You called her an airhead, which isn't exactly promoting peace between women. I understand why you would think that Paris is an airhead though, she does annoy me, but posting it on a blog is not right and biased

Anonymous said...

I agree with the two other girls. I feel that what you wrote was very critical. You called her an airhead. You don't even know her, that's very prejudicial of you. So, if you have the right to call her an airhead, then I suppose I could call you one too (not that you are one). There is no need to keep insulting a celebrity just because she is in jail and all attention is being spent on her (which I think is wrong)

Please reply to my letter!

Anonymous said...

I personally think this is not entierly paris's fault. Yes, she committed a crime, but soon after entering prison she made a commment about "not acting dumb anymore." It's not her fault people are dying to find out about her.

Anonymous said...

Here's an important message for girls: don't let anything get in your way when you're doing something right.

My teacher commented that, "In polotics, no kid can make a difference. I mean, kids don't have any say in the government. They're not allowed to vote, to drive--so they can't complain."

She's saying that only grown-ups can make a difference, not kids, because they're not allowed to vote. This is something that will get in your way.

The media has a big affect, too. They tell you what to wear, where to live, what to eat--and Paris Hilton and other female celebrities, too. Paris Hilton thinks she owns the world, and that's just wrong. She dresses in pink and goes out and parties. That will have a big affect on most girls when they get older. Many things will get in your way when you're fighting for what's right--don't let that happen.