Monday, June 18, 2007

Dove Campaigns for "Real Beauty"

Hi, girls! This is Natalia Thompson here, New Moon's newest editorial intern. You might recognize my name from some blogging I did last winter (you can read my posts on sweatshop labor and women's health worldwide in our older posts). I'll be managing posts on New Moon® News for the next month, so stay tuned for lots of exciting news and discussion!

For today, check out 13-year-old Madeline's comments on "real beauty":

"There are so many ads today that can make young girls feel bad about themselves. There are next to none that help us ALL feel beautiful. However, Dove's recent commercials for hair and skin products are celebating age, size, and self-love. Check out their website at I think it's great to see SOMEONE step up to the plate and take action in making the world of advertising more viewer-friendly."

Madeline is referring to Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, which is advertising their products (including their 'firming lotion,' i.e. cellulite cream--ironic, no?) by featuring models of all sizes, as seen on the billboard at left. Madeline added:

"Also, I walked into Cold Stone Creamery and noticed that the models on the posters on the wall were plus-sized. I've always hated seeing super-skinny people advertise foods. It didn't make much sense. Anyway, I thought New Moon readers would appreciate what the advertising world was doing good for us."

Thanks, Madeline! Girls, you can click here to view Dove's "Evolution Film" on how we perceive beauty ("How did our idea of beauty become so distorted?" Dove asks).
Then tell us: Have you seen Dove's ads? What do you think of them? Does it bother you that they promote different kinds of beauty while selling a product that is supposed to help girls and women erase their physical "flaws" (cellulite)? Got any other ads you celebrate (or hate)?


Anonymous said...

I feel welcomed and comfortable when I see the dove ads, because every woman in the ad looks different and has their flaws, which makes girls feel better about themselves

Daisy said...

I feel offended when I see the Dove commercials. They are just trying to sell their product, not promote the self-esteem of girls and women. And they aren't telling us that we're beautiful. They're saying "Look at how old people are. You NEED our anti-aging cream to stop you from looking that old." Not good. Also, Dove tests all of their products on animals in cruel ways. Although I think it is fantastic that a company is addressing our warped idea of beauty, I will not buy Dove products because they are using us as an advertising scheme yet again.