Monday, June 11, 2007

Speak Up in GirlSpeak

Hi, girls! I know that many of you are great writers and artists -- and I think it's great when girls can share their voices with as many people as possible. That's why I'm happy to present the following call for submissions from Ashley Slupski, Senior Editor of Girlspeak Webzine. Check out what she has to say -- and then start sending your work! - Lacey, Senior Editor, New Moon

"I'm Ashley Slupski, Senior Editor of Girlspeak, and I'd like to spread the word about our webzine and it‘s upcoming submissions deadline. GirlSpeak is a pro-women, web-based literary and visual art magazine seeking to build an accessible, inclusive community for young women artists and writers. We showcase original works by girls 12-22 to an international audience. We hope to enlighten our readers about self-love, healthy lifestyles, activism through art and awareness of the world around them. Recently I have came across the New Moon website and was stunned by how similar our missions are.

We are currently accepting submissions for our 2007 issue. We accept original paintings, drawings, scripts, screenplays, lyrics, prose, fiction, non-fiction, plays, spoken word recordings, graffiti art, collages, short stories, monologues, photographs, songs, short films, and journal entries. We want anything that can be displayed on the internet. Work should be emailed to and should include your full name, age, school, city, state, email, titles, MySpace or deviant art link (if you have an account with either), and brief bio. All submissions are due by July 5, 2007. Multiple submissions are accepted and submissions can be sent at different times if contact information is included with all submissions.

Our 2006 issue can be found on or you can look at our MySpace page at Please feel free to contact us at or
Sincerely, Ashley Slupski, Senior Editor GirlSpeak Webzine."

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