Monday, June 25, 2007

Are You a City Girl or a Country Girl?

Thousands of magazines flooded the New Moon office yesterday.

City Girl, Country Girl, our July/August issue, has arrived!

You'll receive your own issue sometime soon.

But to pique your curiosity, read on to sample some of the great things inside.

In "Girl's Got Game," discover one girl's passion for football--and learn what it's like to be the only girl on a team of 79 players!

  • Read about the influence of unrealistically skinny models in Ask a Girl
  • Get the inside scoop on MySIMS, straight from lead designer Robin Hunick (then check out an extended interview on our website!)
  • Read "Marilyn Monroe: Was this controversial actress really a feminist?" and decide for yourself
  • Hear what it's like to live on an Iowan farm...or an East Harlem project...or the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi... from the girls who live there
  • Immerse yourself in a sunny world of Roman ruins, buttery croissants, and Spanish-influenced festivals through 15-year-old Berangere Chabanel's article on her French hometown on Nimes

Finally, take our quiz to find out whether you're destined for the bustle of the city or the silence of the country!

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Anonymous said...

hey i think Hannah Martin who wrote River Journey is a fabulous author I think she should write some more about this story then send it in and get it published. i like how it ends and me reader wants more witch i really do. It really really good. Thanks Hannah!