Thursday, June 21, 2007

Introducing...the Fabulous Interns!

New Moon's newest interns have arrived for the summer! They're working in the Editorial Department, helping editors Lacey and Heather review submissions, work with contributors and the Girls Editorial Board, edit and develop stories, and so much more. We asked each of them to introduce themselves.

Above: Natalia and Marisa
From Marisa McKie:
Hello, everyone! My name is Marisa, I am 22 years old and live and go to school here in Duluth. I attend the University of Minnesota Duluth, where I am majoring in Communication. I have two minors; one in Journalism and one in Arts in Media. I’ve always loved to write, and worked for my high school newspaper, but now I work as an editor for The Statesman (which is the newspaper at UMD). I love the summers here in Duluth, and when I have some free time I love to spend it at the beach or on my bike! I am so excited to be working here this summer, and really look forward to getting to know everyone! If you ever have any questions or want to shoot me an email, email

From Kelly Nys:
I was on the Girls Editorial Board for one year before I had to “retire.” (I feel so old!) Now I’ve come back to haunt the cubicles and fetch coffee. Really, though, I help clear the Luna Bins [where we store letters and submissions from girls before reviewing them], write rejection letters, and play tidily-winks. It’s great being back (and my friend Ted and Tina the talking tennis balls agree). You probably think I’m weird, don’t you? Ah, well, it happens. Should you ever need anything (coffee, tips on tidily-winks, etc.) email me at

Above: Ted and Tina (Tina's the talkative one!)

From Natalia Thompson:
Hi! My name is Natalia, and I’m New Moon’s newest intern. I’ve been working with New Moon as a member of the Computer Advisory Board and as a contributor (of poetry, features, blog posts, and fiction) for three years. I’m a high school sophomore-going-on-junior from Madison, Wisconsin and an aficionado of running, gelato, travel, feminist politics, and The New York Times, among other things. I am not an aficionado of writing bios. Back in Madison, I'm organizing a program for high school teen girls to learn about leadership and activism, called Madison SOS (Speak Out, Sister!): The Young Women's Leadership Forum. While at New Moon, I’m managing the New Moon® News blog, so feel free to email me at with ideas, news articles, poetry, book reviews and pretty much anything else under the blogabble sun!

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Yay! New Moon is lucky to have such rockin' interns! :D Your work is phenomenal! - Lacey